About Spiderdot

Full Name : Endi Sopyandi

Nick Name : Spiderdot

Eye : Dark Brown

Hair : Black shining

Height :180 cm

Weight :85 kg

Zodiac : Leo

Nationality : Indonesia

College : University of Indonesia

(ElectricalEngineering) Class of 2004




jobs experience:

PT Summarecon Agung Tbk

as Electrical Power Engineer (2010-2011)

Jobs Description :
1. To ensure that electrical systems and designs are working properly and meet safety, opperationaly efficient and standard requirment.
2. Doing some check list and analysis performance power plant engine gases to synchronize with PLN.
3. Prefentive and maintenance Switchgear, LVMDB Panel, transformer.
4. Supervision and monitor of contractor for maintenace engine gas and diesel maintenance.


as Electrical Design Engineer (2011-2012)

1. Develop design of power transformer in line with customer specification with consideration of optimization in cost & quality;
2. Develop drawings & documents for manufacturing or other process;
3. CAD tools & spread sheet calculation;

PT PLN (Persero)

As Assistant Engineer Pengendalian Susut dan PJU PLN Area Palangka Raya Rayon Palangka Raya Timur (2012-2015)

As Assistant Pemeliharaan (SPV. Teknik) PLN Area Palangka Raya Rayon Kuala Pembuang (2015-Now)


5 Responses to About Spiderdot

  1. raja tinjo says:

    apakabar mas bro
    mantab blognya hehehe

  2. raja tinjo says:

    Mantab dah blognya
    banyak banget yang ngunjungin,..
    bagus2 lagi isinya
    masih di sumarecon ato dah pindah bang?
    ya kerja masih di kontraktor aja ko,..masih belajar2

  3. Intan says:

    PLNers kah?

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